Reaching for the Stars Public Lecture with Prof. Ian Hutchinson

Di. 16.4.2024

Sandwiches ab 11:35 / Talk 12:00
Abschluss um 12.45 Uhr


Ian Hutchinson
Ian Hutchinson is Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). An international expert on the physics of plasmas, his research underlies the effort to generate practical energy from fusion reactions, the power source of the stars. His team designed, built, and operated for 25 years the US national fusion magnetic confinement research experiment at MIT that still holds the world record for pressure. In addition to teaching physics through classroom, books, and journals, he has also written and spoken widely on the relationship between science and Christianity. His book "Can a scientist believe in miracles? An MIT professor answers questions on God and science" (IVP 2018) addresses hundreds of the varied and tough questions that students have asked him at his presentations.

Reaching for the stars - our scientific quest for fusion energy

Stars are powered by nuclear fusion reactions in their incredibly hot
interiors. Our human attempts to harness fusion energy on Earth have
led us to a deep understanding of the physics of the fourth state of
matter, plasma, of which stars and most of the visible universe
consists. This presentation will explain some of the science of plasma
and the prospects for terrestrial fusion energy, but also address the
two major motivations for this and all of science: our wonder and
curiosity about the world, and our desire to live well in it.

The entrance is free and all persons interested are welcome.


This lecture is part of a series of public lectures in this week. Here you find further information.


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